Sarra Yoga

Yoga classes in Cranleigh, Horsham, Dorking, Surrey, West Sussex

Why Exercise with us?

If you are a complete beginner to yoga or a currently doing yoga teacher training I have class or workshop for you. The clarity and depth of the Iyengar method can enrich everyone's practice even if you enjoy your regular Vinyasa Flow, Yin, or Ashtanga classes.

Teaching in Surrey and Sussex there are two evening classes in Horsham, Mondays for Intermediate level and Thursdays for Beginners. Both
... late enough for you to get to after work. Make yoga part of your life- for fitness of body and mind. Come along and be challenged progressing in a methodical and safe way.

For those working closer by come to the Thursday class at 6pm in Walliswood, near Dorking, Cranleigh, Ewhurst, Ockley. A great way to unwind then head home for dinner!

I offer morning classes in Cranleigh and Walliswood which compliment each other- so why not come to both? People of all ages and abilities are welcome. Make a difference this year!

The daytime classes are particularly good for people who have recently retired and want to make a positive lifestyle change. Iyengar Yoga is known for individual guidance and the use of props (yoga equipment) which among other things is also helpful for for older beginners.

At 19 I started practicing yoga and studying yoga psychology as a Philosophy student at University in Kent. After months backpacking in India as a soul searching hippy I decided to train as a yoga teacher.

I have been living in Surrey for 12 years now and have been offering Iyengar Yoga Classes in Cranleigh and the surrounding areas of Dorking, Godalming, Guildord and Horsham. I am very grateful for the community of like minded people that is growing and look forward to many more years sharing Yoga together.

Look out for the Restore and Relax Friday Workshops in the Spring and Autumn 2020. They are the ideal way to unwind from the busy week and welcome in the weekend.

Celebrate the summer at our Yoga Day in the Surrey Hills on July 11th 2020 at Walliswood Village Hall. It is a serene space for yoga in the quant surrey countryside . The natural lit hall has double doors leading out onto the so we may even enjoy yoga outdoors.
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Insured By: Dsc Public Liability Insurance
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